Humann rewards

/hyoo-man ri-wards/

Points given or received in return for shopping and interacting on Earn points just for shopping, then redeem them for dollars off your future purchases.

Synonyms: discounts, savings, pays, bonuses, money

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Points are money

Rack up 100 points, get $5 off your next purchase.

Rack up 200, get $10 off.

Earn points on every purchase.

Earn Points Effortlessly

+50 Points

Create an account

+1 Points

Spend $1

+100 Points

Invite a friend to shop *

+100 Points

Your birthday

+10 Points

Like us on Facebook

+10 Points

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* Points earned when friend makes a purchase.

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Frequent Questions

How do I join HumanN Rewards?

Simply create an online account at to create your rewards account as well as track your purchases.

What orders qualify for rewards points?

All future orders at qualify for reward points, even subscription purchases.

Can I save my points to redeem them for more than $10?

No, you can only redeem your points in quantities of 100 or 200. But, you will earn points on every online purchase, and can continue to save points to redeem for your purchases.

Are SuperGrapes Chews Non-GMO?

Yes! SuperGrapes Chews are guaranteed non-GMO. They’re also gluten-free, vegan-friendly and free of preservatives, synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners, and contain no palm oil.

Can I redeem more than one reward to use on the same order?

No, you can only use 1 reward per online order

Can I redeem my reward on a subscription order?

No, rewards are not eligible for purchases containing subscriptions orders. Please place subscription orders separately to redeem your rewards.

If I place an order over the phone or by mail, will I earn rewards points?

No, rewards points are only earned on orders.

Can I redeem my rewards on a phone or mail-in order?

No, currently rewards are only redeemable at

When will my points be available?

Reward points will be available to use 5 days after you place an order to allow processing time.

I referred a friend. When do I get my reward?

You will receive your $5 reward once your friend has made a purchase. A notification will be emailed when your reward is available.

When do I receive my birthday reward?

You will receive your birthday gift reward XXXX.

Do my reward points expire?

Yes. Reward points expire one calendar year after your last purchase at We will send you a notification prior to the expiration, reminding you that you still have points available.

Can I earn rewards points without making a purchase?

Yes, you will receive points for creating an online account, on your birthday, when you refer a friend who purchases, and when your follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m having trouble redeeming my reward. What do I do?

Please contact our Customer Support team via email or phone for assistance.


Phone: (855) 636-4040