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Year-Round Immune Support

SuperBeets Immune is our most defensive formula yet, and our first to promote immune health. In a new Cranberry Cherry flavor with 250mg of Wellmune—the same dose used in over 12 clinical studies, SuperBeets Immune helps:
  • Maintain a strong immune system
  • Promote immune health
  • Strengthen natural defenses to maintain health
  • Stay healthy during times of stress
  • A great addition to your daily regimen of SuperBeets
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Immune System Stressors

Bolster Your Frontline: Why You Need Year-Round Immune Support

Forget picking up a bug, the top 5 things that compromise your immune system are stress, poor diet, an on-the-go lifestyle, family demands and insufficient sleep.

Have you felt stressed recently? Do you sometimes toss and turn at night? Do you ever grab something fast & pre-packaged to eat because your day is stacked? If you answered yes to any of these, consider daily immune support.

It’s not just bugs and germs that attack your system. Everyday factors like stress take a toll on your immune health, too. SuperBeets Immune helps support your body’s natural defenses to help keep you going no matter what’s happening in your life. Be proactive in your immune health. We can’t stop your life being stressful, but we can help you guard against its effects.

Nutrition & Ingredients

This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Old Folk Remedy

Immune support has come a long way since chicken noodle soup and megadoses of vitamin C. SuperBeets Immune features Wellmune, a scientifically-backed, clinically-researched immune boosting ingredient. Don’t worry, it’s also got Vitamin C and other key ingredients you won’t find in many other immune health formulas.

You may not have heard of Wellmune (yet) but it’s the knock-out punch in our immune defense formula. A yeast beta glucan backed by over 12 clinical studies, Wellmune is clinically-researched to help strengthen immune health. Some other products have a little, but ours has 250mg to deliver results.

A true superfood, beetroot powder is at the heart of SuperBeets Immune. We only use premium non-GMO beets for the best natural source of antioxidants, electrolytes and other nutrients that help support a healthy cardiovascular system.

No choking down bland powders here. We created a new tangy Cranberry-Cherry flavor. With just the right amount of sweet to balance out the tart, SuperBeets Immune will have you licking your lips after each immune-supporting sip.

There’s been major breakthroughs in science and immune health since you were a kid. Vitamin C isn’t ALL that matters, but it’s still an important weapon in your immune defense arsenal. SuperBeets Immune has 50mg of this immune support staple.

How To Use

Easy to take, easy to drink.

Mix one teaspoon with four to six ounces of water and enjoy. For best results drink immediately after mixing. Make sure to store the canister in a cool, dry place and use within 45 days of opening. 

Refreshing Flavor

A Formula this Special Deserves a Taste to Match

We’re so excited about SuperBeets Immune we created a BRAND NEW FLAVOR. With a touch of tart and a lot of sweetness, this delicious Cranberry Cherry formula maintains a strong immune system with better-than-ever taste.

Just scoop one tangy serving into 4-6 ounces of water, stir and enjoy. You can mix it with other HumanN products, too. SuperBeets Immune is vegan, gluten free, and made with non-GMO beets. You can take it everyday—it won’t overstimulate your immune system.

Frequent Questions

How is SuperBeets Immune different from other immune products?

Many common immune products contain conventional vitamins, minerals, or herbs. SuperBeets Immune features 250mg of Wellmune®, the same dose used in a dozen clinical studies. Additionally, SuperBeets Immune supports a healthy cardiovascular system from non-GMO beets.

What’s Wellmune? Does it have beta-glucans?

Yes! Wellmune is a leading natural yeast beta glucan clinically-studied to help strengthen your immune system. It’s GRAS, Kosher and Gluten Free, and it won’t over stimulate your immune system so you can take it everyday.

Wait, what are beta-glucans?

Beta glucans are large glucose molecules found in the cell walls of baker’s yeast, mushrooms, and lichens. Beta glucans work by triggering key immune cells to stimulate the immune system. Unfortunately, your body cannot produce them, so you have to incorporate them into your diet or take a beta-glucan supplement.

Can SuperBeets Immune help with a stressful lifestyle?

While it won’t stop stress from happening, it does help you stay healthy during times of stress.

Can I mix SuperBeets Immune with other HumanN products?

Yes! SuperBeets Immune is completely compatible with all of our other HumanN products, and may be taken daily.

We have specifically designed our line of SuperBeets products to be taken together. If you’d like to learn more about the difference between each SuperBeets product and how to use them together, read our latest post here: How to Use Every Type of SuperBeets in a Single Day.

  • SuperBeets is our original circulation superfood. SuperBeets helps support healthy circulation, heart health, and healthy blood pressure levels with the nitric oxide potential of non-GMO beets grown in the U.S.
  • SuperBeets Energy Plus is infused with 80 mg. of plant-based caffeine from green tea extract to help promote mental focus and a smooth, heart-healthy energy boost when you need it the most.
  • SuperBeets Collagen features high-quality collagen peptides from grass-fed cows that were enzymatically hydrolyzed into low-molecular weight peptides for optimal use in your body to help support healthy skin.
  • SuperBeets Immune is our most defensive formula yet, and our first to help promote your immune health. It features 250mg of Wellmune, a yeast beta glucan with over 12 clinical studies to its name.

What’s the best way to take it?

Just mix it with 4 – 6 ounces of water, stir and enjoy! (But remember, you can also add it to smoothies and other recipes, too!)

What’s the best time of day to take it?

You can take it anytime it’s convenient. For example, if you take SuperBeets Energy Plus in the a.m. for a burst of morning energy, you can take SuperBeets Immune in the afternoon to help promote immune health.

Why is it more expensive than your other SuperBeets product(s)?

SuperBeets Immune includes Wellmune®. This novel ingredient has been used in a dozen clinical studies showing to be effective in promoting immune health and helping strengthen our immune system. Each serving provides the clinically-researched dosage of 250mg of Wellmune.

How much Vitamin C is in SuperBeets Immune?

We’ve added 50mg of Vitamin C to each serving.

How often can I take it?

SuperBeets Immune may be used daily. Suggested use is to not exceed two servings in 24 hour period.

What flavor does it come in?

We’re glad you asked! We’re so excited about SuperBeets Immune we created a brand new flavor – a tangy, sweet delicious Cranberry Cherry flavor

How many servings are in each canister?

Each canister contains 30 servings – a whole month’s supply! – of SuperBeets Immune.

Can vegans and vegetarians take it?

Absolutely! SuperBeets Immune contains no animal products and is vegan.

Is it Non-GMO?

Always! SuperBeets never uses genetically-modified beets, and we carefully source all of our other ingredients.

Does SuperBeets Immune contain soy?

No! SuperBeets Immune is soy-free.

Do you use artificial sweeteners?

No! And SuperBeets Immune uses only stevia leaf as a sweetener

Is SuperBeets Immune Gluten-Free?

Yes, SuperBeets Immune is gluten-free!

Does SuperBeets Immune have any artificial colors or flavors?

No – SuperBeets Immune does not use any artificial colors or flavors.

What form does it come in?

SuperBeets Immune comes in a delicious Cranberry Cherry flavored drink mix powder. It’s fast and simple to take mixed with water, or use it in smoothies and countless other recipes!

How should I store it?

To prevent your SuperBeets Immune powder from caking or clumping, close the container tightly and store in a dry, cool place.

Are there side effects?

No, both SuperBeets Immune and its key ingredient Wellmune are GRAS – Generally Recognized as Safe.

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Getcha Some!

A product must be very good and work well for me to come back and buy more, I always come back to get more Super Beets, because it works! And it works very well. Take it daily and find out yourself.

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Great Product, fairly Priced

I think it is a good product, fairly priced and good to see it. I hope that I can afford to keep enjoying it.

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I love this product. Ill be ordering again!

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SuperBeets IMMUNE

Great product absolutely love it

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Very positive

Great taste, energy levels went up I work night shift I cut my coffee in half so far it working

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