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SuperBeets Soft Chews puts two of nature’s most heart-friendly foods – beets and grape seed extract – together for the first time. Now you can get the synergistic benefits of these compounds in a fast, fun new way. Just two pomegranate berry flavored chews in the morning will help:

• Promote normal blood pressure as part of a healthy lifestyle
• Provide circulatory support
• Promote improved natural energy
• Support heart health

Now you can feel the difference of a daily chew with a novel, clinically-researched grape seed extract for added heart health support.

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    Key Benefits

    SuperBeets just got a chewy new heart wellness companion

    Our SuperBeets powders have given millions of people more energy and heart health support over the last 5 years. But one thing we’ve heard repeatedly from customers is: “I wish it were portable. I want to take SuperBeets with me. I want to share it!” So we challenged ourselves to create a delicious chew you could bring anywhere. And we didn’t just want to put regular SuperBeets into a chew. We wanted to take it to the next level.

    After an exhaustive search of clinically studied cardio superfoods, we selected a novel form of grape seed extract that has been shown in a gold standard clinical study to support blood pressure. This extract is made from select grape seeds used for white wine production in Italy. Rich in proanthocyanidins (potent antioxidants), these are the grape heavyweights, not the pale impostors wilting away at the grocery store.

    So if you’re one of the many who asked for a portable heart health boost…

    We listened.

    And SuperBeets Soft Chew is the answer.

    SuperBeets Soft Chew combines that very same grape seed extract with non-GMO beet powder.

    Creating a heart-health powerhouse that goes to work promoting normal blood pressure and natural energy right away.

    No one has combined these ingredients at all, anywhere, except us.

    And best of all, you wont be sacrificing effectiveness for portability.

    Because while these chews are fun and portable, they pack the full clinical dose of grape seed extract that produced results in the gold-standard study we mentioned. Which means you wont sacrifice effectiveness for convenience!

    You’re going to love the way SuperBeets Soft Chews taste. You’re going to love the way they make you feel. And we think you’re going to love how easy it is to fit them into your life.

    Nutrition & Ingredients

    Finally – a nutritional boost that’s as fun and adaptable as you!

    Lots of supplement companies just bottle whatever version of the active ingredient(s) they can buy in bulk for cheap. And they don’t admit it. Customers spend millions of dollars per day on supplements that have almost nothing in common with the ingredients getting results for human beings in clinical studies.

    We go the extra mile when it comes to ingredient quality.

    Grape seed extract earned its place in SuperBeets Soft Chews because of its clinically studied ability to support normal blood pressure. (Plus, grapes are a fixture of the Mediterranean Diet, rated by U.S. News & World Report as “Best For Heart Health.”) Now, each time you eat one of these tasty on-the-go chews, you’re getting heart-healthy polyphenols from the best Italian grapes in just 30 seconds per day.

    In homage to our SuperBeets powders, every SuperBeets Soft Chew contains non-GMO beet powder. Beets, alongside grape seed extract, are another staple of the Mediterranean Diet. Together with grape seed extract, it’s a heart-healthy tag team you wont find in any other product. This is next-level support for normal blood pressure, natural energy, and feeling your best.

    We flavored SuperBeets Soft Chews in an all-natural, pomegranate-berry base. So if you’re reading this page thinking “but I don’t like beets”, don’t worry. You wont taste beets one bit in SuperBeets Soft Chews. And we did not use any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

    Best of all, SuperBeets Soft Chews packs all this heart-supporting goodness into a fun, portable chew. Imagine the energizing support you get from our SuperBeets Powders, but not having to mix it into water each day. You can get all these benefits from a tasty, candy-like chew in just 30 seconds a day.

    How to Use

    Two soft chews, first thing in the morning

    Take two soft chews, one after the other, before you eat breakfast. Chew gently before swallowing.

    That’s it!

    Each package comes with 30 servings (60 chews) to last you a full month.

    You’ll love the pomegranate taste

    If you’re thinking “health-wise this sounds great but I’m not sure how beets with grape tastes”, think again. SuperBeets Soft Chews have a tart, fruity, pomegranate berry flavor and are completely natural (no artificial sweeteners of any kind). You’ll be hooked on from the first bite.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this product GMO free?

    Yes! SuperBeets Soft Chews are guaranteed non-GMO. They’re also gluten-free, vegan-friendly and free of preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, and contain no palm oil.

    When should I consume SuperBeets Soft Chews?

    Chews can be taken at any time of day, but we recommend taking a full serving of two chews in the morning to kick-start your day with clinically-studied nitric oxide support.

    How many servings are in one package?

    One package of SuperBeets Soft Chews contains 30 servings — a full month’s supply.

    Do SuperBeets Soft Chews contain palm oil?

    No! Many nutritional chews on the market contain palm oil. SuperBeets Soft Chews contain no palm oil.

    What is the difference between SuperBeets and SuperBeets Soft Chews?

    SuperBeets is a concentrated beetroot powder you mix with a spoon, whereas SuperBeets Soft Chews are a novel and new way to support natural energy and heart health.The key ingredient in Soft Chews is grape seed extract, a clinically-studied ingredient that promotes normal blood pressure and heart health. Both products support healthy nitric oxide levels, each available in a form factor that suits your tastes (and your lifestyle!).

    What’s the difference between SuperBeets Soft Chews, SuperBeets and Neo40?

    SuperBeets is our concentrated beet crystal circulation function food. It’s made from sustainably-farmed beetroot selected for the highest dietary nitrate levels and preserves the right combination of nutrient levels to help the body optimize its N-O potential. Just one teaspoon of SuperBeets, the recommended daily serving, is verified to provide the nitric oxide of three whole beets and helps promote nitric oxide production, healthy circulation, healthy blood pressure levels and improved energy and stamina.

    SuperBeets Soft Chews are made with a synergistic combination of Non-GMO beetroot powder and a breakthrough, clinically-studied form of Grape Seed Extract to help promote normal blood pressure, support heart health, circulation support, and natural energy. Soft Chews feature ENOVITA®, a proprietary proanthocyanidin rich extract made exclusively with grape seeds from white wine production.

    Neo40 is a proprietary, one-of-a-kind and patented, Neo40 is a daily supplement that helps to rapidly produce nitric oxide in your body, as well as supports the body’s ability to produce its own N-O over time. In fact, it is the only technology in the world, out of the University of Texas Health Science N-O Discovery Program that generates authentic nitric oxide gas and supports the enzyme that makes nitric oxide in the body.

    Is it safe to consume more than the recommended serving size?

    You can exceed the recommended dosage, but it is not recommended to exceed more than one serving per day.

    What is the polyphenol content of the grape seed extract?

    SuperBeets Soft Chews feature the clinically-studied ENOVITA® grape seed extract. ENOVITA® is standardized to provide 95% of proanthodyanidins (condensed tannins) by spectrophotometry, and between 5.0% and 15% of catechin and epicatechin by HPLC.

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